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Trailblazers WANTED

The demand for cannabis-enhanced yoga has increased alongside the progression of cannabis reform across the states and around the globe.  As a pioneer in the sector, we see a need to manage this growth responsibly.  In response, we've launched Ganja Yoga Certified™ , a certification program built upon 9 years of experience offering the public cannabis-enhanced yoga classes. The standards-based certification is the first of its kind and signifies that a teacher understands the unique challenges and opportunities ahead. This certification ensures teachers have learned the concepts that make Ganja Yoga a safe practice for every body .

If you are looking to kickstart your career or just make a lateral entry into a growing market, the Ganja Yoga Certified label will support you in the process. 

What you'll get:

  • Featured in our online directory
  • Access to the Ganja Yoga Certified logo to use however you see fit in your own practice and studio
  • Subscription to Dee's online classes to hone your skills (launching 2018)
  • Quarterly professional development workshops to keep you current on the rapidly changing cannabis and yoga industries
  • Opportunities to be featured in a variety of Ganja Yoga media and gigs
  • Discounts and early access to our retreats, workshops and Ganja Yoga schwag (coming soon!)
  • Access to private events for Certified instructors
  • Confidence in your own ability to deliver a quality experience

Before being considered for certification, you must complete our Ganja Yoga Essentials Training Program.

Following graduation of our YTT, graduates must:

  • Demonstrate mastery of the core concepts of Ganja Yoga by successfully completing the Ganja Yoga Certification Exam
  • Digitally sign the Code of Conduct and uphold it
  • Take three online classes with Dee per quarter (no extra cost)
  • Teach a minimum ten hours of Ganja Yoga per year
  • Pay your dues ($20/month or $200 year)

Already completed the course? You should have received an invite to the Certification Exam and Sign-up in your email. If you have any questions or need another invite, email