Ganja Yoga - since 2009!

ganja yoga is the og.

Dee Dussault, was the first teacher to
offer public cannabis+yoga classes, and
her company, ganja yoga, is ten years old.

dee coined the phrase ganja yoga, and
authored the Harpercollins book with the same title.

her work has been featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, Newsweek, & LA Yoga, plus international press from france to india!

its ganja yoga’s 10 year anniversary this year!

all ganja yoga classes suit every body, age, size, and level. The divine stoner in me sees the divine stoner in you.

ganja yoga book

Amazon Best-seller!   Available wherever books are sold!  Click the image to purchase!

Amazon Best-seller!
Available wherever books are sold!
Click the image to purchase!

Ganja Yoga Ten Year Tour

What started as a small class in a Toronto living room is now a company with two-dozen certified Ganja Yoga teachers all over the continent.



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Ganja YOGA essentials teacher training

a Yoga Alliance certified

continuing education teacher-training,

open to ANY experienced* yogi.

Ganja Yoga is so much more than just weed + yoga.

From Dee: Along the way in my twenty+ years of practicing yoga, I suffered yoga-related injuries that could have been prevented.

_M3A0023 (2).jpg

I’m thankful though, because from that I took a year-long biomechanics course with the amazing Katy Bowman, and it changed my understanding of the practice.

So, a big part of this training is unlearning some bad yoga alignment that’s made its way into studios across the country. Leave knowing common mistakes your
students (and other yoga teachers!)
often make.
In fact, get a whole new understanding of anatomy, physiology, and the body!

. . . So much more than just weed+yoga.

50-Hour TraIning Includes_+ Complete training in conducting safe, all-levels, enhanced classes, from the person that has been facilitating them for ten years.+ The medicinal, spiritual, historical, and modern practic.png

Upcoming Trainings
10/02 - 10/06 - Detroit
11/07 ~ 11/10 - Los Angeles - AT CAPACITY

2020 DATES - Los Angeles
01/16 - 01/19 - This training is $200 cheaper because it will be video recorded.
04/16 - 04/19
07/23 - 07/26
11/05 - 11/08
No other cities currently planned. Check back here or on Instagram to stay abreast!

“GYTT was so much more than a teacher training, it was a coming together of a movement from all across the globe. ”

Investment: $800 US Dollars - Registration info here.
Early Bird: Send your deposit more than 30 days before we start, and save $100!

+Returning GY YTT grads: $200 to join us again!
++Do the whole training one-on-one with me via skype for $1750/person (or $2000 for up to three friends).

Copy of Sass-Desault_YogaDay-6541.jpg

“i’m so immensely grateful for this training. It was thorough, knowledgeable, hands-on, and approachable, and you seamlessly shared the behind-the-scenes to putting on cannabis Yoga classes. Biomechanics is going to change my life ! ”

Open to experienced yogis (even non-yoga teachers).
However, only certified yoga teachers can teach yoga classes, get Yoga Alliance credits, and join the Ganja Yoga™ brand. (However, you can do this training first and then become a teacher, or choose to do the training as a personal development program).

“By far the best training I have ever taken! n fact, it was the best week of my life ! ”


Twice-weekly Ganja Yoga classes delivered to your inbox.
Good just got better!
launches Dec. 3, 2019 - click the image for info.


certified ganja yoga teachers

The following yoga teachers have not only taken the 50 hour Ganja Yoga + Biomechanics Teacher Training, they have also completed a competency exam with over 70%, and stay at the top of their profession with a commitment to continuing education. Presented in order by city. Click the photo then the dot to view.